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SmartyKit® — computer construction kit to build the first computer of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs – Apple-1. Building it you would understand how computers work and have fun
Want to know how operating system written by Steve Wozniak for Apple-1 works?
It is only 256 bytes and written in 6502 processor assembly language – real engineering piece of art.
We, creators of SmartyKit computer kit to build your own Apple-1, will guide you through the source code and explain what functions does it have. And we have rewritten it in Python to help you understand how it works and run it on your own.
More about SmartyKit One computer kit
Modules and integrated circuits (chips)
TFT display (320x240)
breadboards with jumper wires
What else?
Ok, what else is inside the box?
Also in the kit
  • Video (RCA) and Keyboard (PS/2) connectors
  • FTDI cable for video/keyboard drivers update & software upload (via Arduino IDE)
  • Video (RCA) cable for monitor and TV connection
  • Electronic components (resistors, capacitors, buttons, crystals, LEDs)
  • Battery pack for 4xAAA
  • Sticker pack for chip
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What will I learn with this kit?
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
What the main parts of every computer and smartphone are
How the first computer of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs works
What a processor is and how it works as a computer's brain to execute software code
How a simple operating system works
What memory is and how it works
How keyboards and video cards work
Steve Wozniak designed and hand-built the original back in 1976. Anyone who wants to assemble their own today can buy the parts and instructions from SmartyKit.
Cult of Mac
The journey is the reward.
— Steve Jobs
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